Mobile VoIP’s Dependency on Wi-Fi Technology

Many phone users are fleeing from telephone service to the VoIP phone. There is not just one single reason responsible for this migration. There are different things that count into it like; lower calling costs, high data transfer speed, excellent voice quality, portability, more responsive phone system, and a much more reliable phone service. VoIP has no doubt been a great service when compared to the telephone but demands of the customers from the VoIP phone have started to steadily increase as they now want to have a service that is portable in its ultimate sense like a cell phone, which has led to necessitate the mobile VoIP service.

There has been a lot of work done on mobile VoIP to make it a reality from a dream. Earlier efforts were all failed ones, which did not bear any fruit. The biggest hurdle that has always been in the way of spreading mobile VoIP technology is the speed of the wireless internet connection.

Wi-Fi technology and mobile VoIP

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has worked really hard to bring up new wireless standards that are better in performance and has thoroughly researched on them.

The closest that Wi-Fi technology could earlier get to was the 3G technology which was used to provide the VoIP services on the go. 3G technology had a marked improvement in terms of data transfer speeds that it offered but it still needed a lot more, which it was not capable of. Research and development on Wi-Fi technology finally brought the solution of the 4G technology. 3G was only able to provide the data transfer speeds of 40 megabits per second. On the other hand, 4G technology is much faster than 3G and this is not a miner upgrade but instead a major one. 4G will be able to transfer data at speeds of one gigabit per second, which means 4G is many times faster than the 3G technology.

Many of the wireless internet connection providers have started offering 4G to the customers but it will take time before you are able to enjoy the 4G technology in every part of the world. There is one big problem with 4G and that is its availability in just few parts of the world. This means that you will have to wait to use your mobile VoIP service anywhere you would like to. The wireless network service providers have to face grueling task of investing huge sums of money into upgrading their infrastructure as the current one needs to be upgraded before 4G can be available everywhere. This also is a big challenge for the service providers. Not all companies are capable of making that kind of investment into this technology and secondly not every part of the world has demand for such an expensive technology.

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