Technology Implementation in Business and Life and How Important It Is

Technology is the buzz word today. Almost everything we do, use, or consume is processed through some kind of technology. Computers and Internet has changed the face of modern society. Still there are people who are resistant to get themselves adapted, to latest technologies. They are so much involved into the affairs of their business, that they feel getting updated with technical stuff is not going to help them anyways. They feel it is a waste of time. I Am going to share a real life story to highlight, why it is so significant to cope with technology in the modern society.

My father has a trading business, which is doing good. However couple of years back all his accounting and office work was done 100% manually. He was comfortable with it as he was simply unaware of the magic of computers. He was also resistant to get systems and learn them, as he found to it be a waste of time and money.

When I stepped in, I realised that the work for which my father and other employee’s were investing their day and night, is actually not more than couple of hours work with the help of computers. I somehow convinced him to get me some IT stuff like laptops, printers, scanners and specially Internet in the office premises. He was reluctant but I had to hold on to my demands. When I got them a year passed by with no significant implementation of IT in the office. But I learnt lot about how things work in real life and in software applications.

Slowly but steadily I started to automate the office tasks. I automated accounting. After a lot of issues and reluctance from employees, things started to appear in perspective. Almost 80% of the accounting work was simply eliminated. There was no need to manually reconcile financial statements, no balance sheet preparation or different types reports. We dropped one of the employees as accounting became a piece of cake. We started saving hundreds of dollars right from the start. My father became so much relaxed which he never thought he would. He Could now work on more important things in life. Slowly he automated all other aspects such as attendance management, payroll etc. Couple of months later the profits were all time high and there was very less work to do in the Offtime. Now when he looks into the past, it seems unimaginable for him to work the way he used to. He is now a successful entrepreneur with good health. His working hours are 10 to 7 and takes off whenever he feels he needs one, which is very good considering he is a sole proprietor of the firm.

Implementing technology may seem a costly affair and will attract reluctance from the employees. However if successfully implemented technology can turn your firm around and bring out the true potential of your business.

From business to home, from daily life issues to entertainment, technology has a tremendous potential. However first one needs to invest time, to understand things and then use technology effectively for a better and more comfortable life.

Career in Geospatial Technologies

Geospatial technology is one of the fastest emerging career options in today’s world. Geospatial technologies involves a combination of technologies like GPS, GIS, remote sensing, etc which are used to collect, maps and manipulate information to describe the location and attributes of objects. Students going for this career field help organizations and Companies improve their data integration thereby improving their strategic decision making process.

It has been estimated that geospatial technologies will have annual market revenue of $757 billion by 2017 thereby making it one of the most sought after career in the world. The market is however still to see a sizable force of workers with knowledge in this field. The US faces a shortfall of around 14,000 personnel in this sector per annum.

There are different available careers in geospatial technology and new opportunities are rapidly developing. Analysts, cartographers, surveyors, planners, aerial photographers and mapping technicians are some specialized careers that a student can hope to pursue while studying Geospatial technologies.

So what are the uses of this Technology? Well GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to guide an airplane in runway. The technology uses data received from the satellite for this. Similarly weather forecasters use the technology for remote sensing and arriving at weather forecasts for future days. Mapping tools are used by the Mobile companies based on geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide their customers with map and directions. All these technologies are a constituent part of the Geospatial technology. As a student of this field, you will be required to collect and manipulate information to describe the location and attributes of objects.

Necessary Skills and Abilities for careers in Geospatial Technologies:

  • Complex problem solving skills
  • Computer/technology understanding and systems analysis
  • Deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Problem sensitivity (identify and tend to existing and possible future problems)
  • Knowledge of: geography, engineering, computers, electronics, mathematics, administration and management, and customer service.

As has been mentioned earlier, this is an emerging career field. A country like India that has 58.6% of its landmass vulnerable to earthquake and over 40 million hectares of land vulnerable to floods annually, the role that this technology will play in the future is tremendous. Universities like the Sambalpur university of Orissa has already started offering courses on Geospatial technology.

Mobile VoIP’s Dependency on Wi-Fi Technology

Many phone users are fleeing from telephone service to the VoIP phone. There is not just one single reason responsible for this migration. There are different things that count into it like; lower calling costs, high data transfer speed, excellent voice quality, portability, more responsive phone system, and a much more reliable phone service. VoIP has no doubt been a great service when compared to the telephone but demands of the customers from the VoIP phone have started to steadily increase as they now want to have a service that is portable in its ultimate sense like a cell phone, which has led to necessitate the mobile VoIP service.

There has been a lot of work done on mobile VoIP to make it a reality from a dream. Earlier efforts were all failed ones, which did not bear any fruit. The biggest hurdle that has always been in the way of spreading mobile VoIP technology is the speed of the wireless internet connection.

Wi-Fi technology and mobile VoIP

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has worked really hard to bring up new wireless standards that are better in performance and has thoroughly researched on them.

The closest that Wi-Fi technology could earlier get to was the 3G technology which was used to provide the VoIP services on the go. 3G technology had a marked improvement in terms of data transfer speeds that it offered but it still needed a lot more, which it was not capable of. Research and development on Wi-Fi technology finally brought the solution of the 4G technology. 3G was only able to provide the data transfer speeds of 40 megabits per second. On the other hand, 4G technology is much faster than 3G and this is not a miner upgrade but instead a major one. 4G will be able to transfer data at speeds of one gigabit per second, which means 4G is many times faster than the 3G technology.

Many of the wireless internet connection providers have started offering 4G to the customers but it will take time before you are able to enjoy the 4G technology in every part of the world. There is one big problem with 4G and that is its availability in just few parts of the world. This means that you will have to wait to use your mobile VoIP service anywhere you would like to. The wireless network service providers have to face grueling task of investing huge sums of money into upgrading their infrastructure as the current one needs to be upgraded before 4G can be available everywhere. This also is a big challenge for the service providers. Not all companies are capable of making that kind of investment into this technology and secondly not every part of the world has demand for such an expensive technology.

How Brainwave Technology Can Revolutionize Your Life

Brainwave technology has always remained a fascinating field of study that has changed the way people view the human brain in the past. The technology can actually enhance the performance of your brain and mind in such a great way that can lead you to greater success in life.

The awesome technology covers diverse aspects. Technically, it’s also known as brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization technology. It’s a wonderful process that triggers brainwave frequencies to engage into several actions when propelled by a periodic stimulus. The stimulus can be aural or visual in nature depending on the particular process being used.

Meanwhile, there are various aspects one needs to know about the brainwave technology. Among them include, brainwave states, binaural beats, and the frequency following response, total brain synchronization, brainwave patterns and so on. These aspects are usually interwoven in the entire study of the technology under review.

Indeed, brainwave technology can actually revolutionize your life. All you need is to discover how this happens. Well, it all begins by applying the principles of the technology in diverse areas of your life. The technology can be applied in diverse areas of the human life beginning with the mind. It can actually reprogram your subconscious and conscious mind for greater success. It can be used in reducing anxiety and stress in life. This is usually possible when the brainwave patterns are gingered into proper action. The frequencies they contain can help a great deal in relieving you of stress and anxiety.

The technology can also help in inducing relaxation. This is usually possible when the alpha brainwaves are dominant during the periods of rest and relaxation. This can also cause a very unique healing process in the life of the individual involved.

The brainwave process can also induce sleep. If you’re having a case of insomnia, the technology can help you deal with it. The frequencies contained in delta brainwaves are usually in charge of inducing sleep especially when perfect synchronization is achieved in the process.

Your life of meditation can also be enhanced when you use the technology. In most cases, the alpha and theta brainwaves are responsible for enhancing meditative states in the lives of individuals involved. The frequencies they contain work wonders during your sleep and relaxation periods. Again, you can enhance your state of consciousness using the brainwaves patterns. This is usually possible when you’re able to master the processes involved.

In order to benefit from the brainwave technology, you need to locate a reliable resource that can give you the best out of it. There are lots of brainwaves CDs and available. You can equally locate brainwaves websites where you can learn the various processes involved in it. You can easily enhance your subconscious and conscious minds when you engage the technology well. Your entire life can also be changed forever when you continue to apply the basic principles contained in the technology. There’s always the need to locate an expert in brainwaves research to help you out in discovering more on how you can change your life with it.

Automobile Safety – Crash Avoidance Technology

The rate of deaths every year due to auto accidents is increasing annually at very alarming rates. According to statistics every year 1.3 million people die from road accidents and 50 million get injured from these accidents. Reducing and possibly preventing these accidents is one of major issues auto- makers have been battling for decades. Auto-makers believe it is possible to reduce the rate at which these accidents occur and safe some lives with the new safety features and technologies been researched and developed for new and existing vehicles. A few decades ago, seat belts were the cutting edge safety technology, with the rate of accidents increasing more innovative safety technologies and measures were introduced. Blind spot monitoring systems, driver alert tracking systems, airbags, anti-locking break systems, adaptive headlights that enhance night-time visibility and crumple zones in cars are few of the safety features that are now been integrated in new and existing vehicles.

The latest innovative safety feature which all the car makers are buzzing about is the new crash avoidance technology system. This new system will be based on a technology that will alert drivers of danger and possibly take action on behalf of the driver to prevent crashes from happening, according to auto-makers these technology has the potential of almost completely eradicating car crashes. According to statistics a high percentage of car accidents are caused by the drivers due to bad driving practices or distraction, the crash avoidance technology aims to prevent this as the technology will allow a car detect when a driver fails and act on behalf of the driver to prevent a car crash. Ford, Toyota and Volvo are just a few of the car makers who strongly believe this technology can reduce the rate of car crashes on the road. There are mixed opinions about this new crash avoidance technology as some drivers and researchers are off the opinion that this technology might actually cause more interruption than help for the driver while others are of the opinion that it will help the driver make better decisions.

According to the British drivers association any technology that takes responsibility away from the motorist should be banned, they believe that any technology which requires the driver to do little will make the driver less alert and too relaxed. “We have to be confident that the engineering can cope with a range of complexities in the same way as a human” explains Peter Rodger, the institute of advanced motorists’ chief examiner and former met police traffic inspector. This technology is not close to been developed or completed, the auto industry has and is still developing a lot of innovative safety features for┬ácars, until this technology is finished and ready to be revealed it is not possible to know what its benefits or disadvantages will be.